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Happy Holidays

Sydney, Matt with Anne and Kendall in the Background

Irwin and Kendall Spookey.... Dosen't everyone have a ghost on top of their tree? Sydney and Matt display Madeline Hmm what's this??? Now say ahhhhhh..... Sydney with my Dad, her GrandDad (Jack) in Background L-R Ruth (my mom), Anne (syds mom) with Syd on floor Syd opens under mom's (Anne) watchful eyes.... The Docter is In.... Anne gets a check up. Hmmm Dad lay off those Cheeseburgers Grandma Marge gets checked by Dr. Syd Hmm two ears .... very good I'm Kendall and i'm ne here.... I'm not really sure whats going on? Ya gotta love ice cream! Hey your all upside down...

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