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A page to reminisce with all the old news from the front page...


Helped Jason and Erin Moran celebrate his 25th B-day...Worked EarthFest and than saw Garbage at Avalon with Karin...Had a great time out with Jason and his Erin Moran until we got the call that Jim Rakiey had suddenly passed away...Went to Jim's wake and Funeral (very sad)...Erin and I had a blast at Dave Matthews(you won't)...Amanda is still Bootylicious...Brianna (aka Sketchie) is comming back to Boston in late May LOOKOUT. Marc is breaking computers and still having fun with his new website...Karin recently saw the Indigo Girls...Kim's new job didn't work out and is back looking...Jason St. Patrick's day party was Great and everyone got to meet "Erin"...Rachel lost her voice for a week and missed the Holiday Hoedown but Gregg, Michelle, Erin and myself had a blast..."Sketchie" made a surprise area appearance from school in Indiana for her Thanksgiving break..."Kat" also dropped back to Boston from NY to visit all her friends here...Got to hang with Jason and the Mix gang at Better than Ezra at Avalon recently...,Rina didn't make Iggy but recently celebrated her birthday...Kimberley still looking for a job...AngPup is 27 somewhere in Maine... The summer of Sketchie has ended with Brianna moving back to Indiana...John Flood hit 40 with a surprise party...Jen has is left town for San Francisco...Rebekah got to meet Dave Matthews..."Big Dig" Kerry recent star of Chronicle, Jason and Karin took me out for my 43rd birthaday in March...Lana got remarried...Jefferson hit  40 with Dave P at 41 Marc G 51 in the same week... Move over Maxwell you've got company as Trish and Ken announce "Sophia"... Jenna is still crazy and some recent news might have her "crazier than ever?"... Angela's is 27 somewhere in Maine...Jo-Anne Campbell has been found...Sorry girls Eddy D has gotten hitched in Arizona where he now resides...Adam Klein swung bye the other day and I think he wants to move back in...Marc Gordon has finally made the move up to ATT Broadband and Digital Cable soon...It looks like all the folks in Cablevision land will be able to move over soon.

Some memorable times in 02
Timothy White Benifit at Fleet with Kris
Paul McCartney at Fleet with Jennifer
The Rolling Stones at Gillette with Jefferson
The Rolling Stones at Fleet with Jason
Aerosmith with Karin at the Tweet
The Who with Karin at the Tweet
John Mellencamp with Kris at Tweet
Jason McKenna's 25th Birthday Extravaganza

My Favorite Shows of last Summer would probably have to be U2, Madonna and Janet Jackson at the FleetCenter. The year before that would be Prince at the Worcester Palladium and an amazing show by Stone Temple Pilots at Avalon in the summer. You can check out the STP show for yourself again right here


Well my pre-owned 97 Ford Explorer which replaced the old faithful little stealth truck is 3 years old and has well over 100,000 miles but it still seems new to me. It seems that the old stealth truck has been left behind a pile of tires in Waltham...It appears that Carter Alan has won the battle as the Jimmy seems to have been retired by its current owner. Carter's former 89 Blazer is alive and well with his mechanic's wife using it.


Well the first four pictures are getting old... The Uniden 760 has been replaced twice first by a GRE RadioShack 2067 and now by a new Uniden 780xlt. Below are two newer photos.

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