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Well I always look goofy in photos.... I guess cause I look goofy. So instead I think will try to have more photos of you my friends past, present and future than me.... :

My BCN friends, me and the Edge: (I'm on the far right)

Alanis Morrisette and me:
alanism.jpg (39070 bytes)

Erin O'Meara and I:

Lauren & I:

My pal Angela and I:

Me and Jen

Jen "Fer-baby" and Kris:
JenandKris.jpg (34118 bytes)       

Trish: "Trash"
trishrave1.jpg (103008 bytes)

Marc Gordon
Marc and his mother in Alabama


Phil and Mark

Jefferson and John Laurenti in Red Sox Dugout



Erin and her sister Michelle

Phil, Dave and John at Hosstraders

This one should make you laugh..... me with hair in 1981 or so:

My pets:
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